Do you have a discord?
What is this servers revision?
  • #190
Are there Custom items?
  • There are a few custom items.
How do i make money ingame?
  • You sell your body for some coins
What is the difference between gamemodes?
  • Normal Mode
  • Normal XP rates, no other benefits.

  • Ironman
  • You're a Ironman and you stand alone. You are not able to trade other players nor use Grand Exchange, everything is obtained by you and yourself.

  • Hardcore Ironman
  • Same as default Ironman but once you die you lose your rank and will be turned into a normal Ironman.

  • Ultimate Ironman
  • This mode restricts you from using any banks, and has same restrictions as normal ironman.

  • Emulation Mode
  • This mode is for the people who enjoy slow xp rates.

Ranks Explained
Staff Ranks Explained
  • Owner
  • Owner of Vorkath.

  • Website Developer
  • Website Developers manage and work on the website.

  • Server Developer
  • Developers are individuals who have joined the Vorkath team to help provide updates and bring new content to the server. They have been brought on board by other members of the development team and have proven their ability to code. Whenever they are not busy working on the server, they are actively engaging with the rest of the staff team and dealing with bug reports.

  • Administrator
  • Administrators are long term Staff Members that have showed extreme trustworthiness and competency. They have excelled in their previous roles and have proven to be exceptional in large-scale tasks and management. With access to the ACP, admins will be working behind the scenes on forums and in-game duties. They will also be in charge of the Global Moderators, Moderators, and Supports.

  • Community Manager
  • Keeps the Community happy and arranges server events.

  • Server Moderator
  • Moderators are veteran Supports who have shown their trustworthiness. They have gone above and beyond what was expected of them on the support role and have proved to be a integral member of the team.

  • Server Support
  • The Server Support role is granted to players that have shown to be knowledgeable about the server and have a passion for helping the community.

Are there are any staff positions available?
  • Yes, we are currently on the lookout for possible potential new Server Supports.